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Letter of Commitment

Image rights (under 14 years old)

Image rights (+14 years)

Digital Services Authorization

Digital Services Authorization (+14 years)

Medical and allergy file

Medicine supply authorization

Authorization excursions and camps 22-23

info - course


Textbooks and reading 22-23

Form to change secretarial data

Start of children's school year 22-23

Dades alumnes nous I3  23-24

Beginning of the Primary and Secondary school year 22-23

Prices and Fees course 22-23

Annual Calendar 22-23

Organization year 22-23

document s    d e  center

Corazonista educational project

Fénix 25 strategic plan

(under review)

Diversity attention plan
(under review)

Center Linguistic Project
(under review)

Pla d'estratègia digital

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