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We teach breathing control and

personal relaxation as tools for life


Interiority is one of the most distinctive projects of our school.
In times where immediacy, consumerism and superficiality race together, we’ve seen the necessity to walk with our students in their path of personal growing. That is the reason why we’ve set the following objectives:
•    Learn to recognize, understand and express our feelings and emotions.
•    Express our feelings and emotions in a good way with verbal and non-verbal communication.
•    Develop impulse control and emotion management skills.
•    Encourage optimism and positive thinking.
•    Appreciate meditation and inner silence to connect with our own needs.
•    Deep in our self-awareness and improve self-esteem and empathy.

To achieve these goals, we have scheduled fortnightly sessions in which we suggest different types of dynamics like relaxation techniques breath focus, tale telling, meditations, mindfulness, awareness of each of the five senses, assertiveness and empathy role plays, body awareness through massages, symbolic expression of emotions through drawings, poems, music…
Students of all levels practice interiotity activities which have become one of their favourite moments.
We work on emotion awareness and management.
We work on relaxation techniques breath focus as a strategy for live.
We practice meditation and mindfulness to improve emotion management.


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