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Creative reading and writing for the development of 3 to 7 year olds, based on advances in neuroscience


We implement in our classes the latest educational methodologies and innovations in order to give our studentsthe best and most diverse learning opportunities.

To do this, the cloister lives permanently immersed in a continuous training process, and we apply all this knowledge in our teaching activity so that the students are the main beneficiaries and enjoy all the possible opportunities to learn.

We work with that in mindmultiple intelligencesof the students, offering them access to knowledge from various perspectives, in a cyclical way and with constant support and guidance from the teaching staff, always taking into account the different educational needs.

The student is the main protagonist of his learning, and through the different methodologies, we aim to guide him in his training and maturation process.Problem-based learning, interdisciplinary projects, the flipped classroom, the use of technology in the day-to-day classroom at all stages and the way of working with mathematics and language through EntusiaMAT, ONMAT and Ludilletresthey allow us to have students who are fully motivated and aware of their own learning, which allows us to achieve satisfactory results in the educational process of our students.

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