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1916. Hermanas de la Caridad del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús settle in Santa Perpètua. The school starts with one mixed class for kindergarten and one class for girls.

1936. The Hermanas are forced to leave the School in the middle of the Civil War. They were are welcome in family homes. 

1940. A second class is opened in kindergarten. They celebrate 25 years in Sant Perpètua..

1950. A Bussiness Course is started.

1952. There are classes for all Primary courses with a total amount of 132 students.

1963. A Baccalaureate class opens.

1968. On March 5, the deed of ownership of the new school is signed.

1969.  Arrangements with the architect who will draw up the plans for the new building, located on Carrer Puig i Cadafalch, began. 

1970. The students' uniform is changed.1971. On May 29, the first stone of the current building is laid.

1972. The 72/73 academic year opens with the new school and the complete courses of EGB, kindergarten, elementary Baccalaureate and First degree of Secretarial Vocational Training.

1976. The Parents' Association (APA) begins to operate.

1978. Two classes for each EGB course are put into operation. The number of specialist teachers increases (languages, physical education, music, etc)

1979. Some classes in Catalan begin to be taught.

1985. The first School Council is formed.

1986. Mixed classes start from the first year of EGB.

1993. On May 11, a plot of 3000 square meters, attached to the current building is bought for ESO classes. Edification begins in July.

1994. Two classes are open for three-year-olds.

1995. In September, the 3rd and 4th grades of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) begin. ESO classes and some Primary classes are tripled. It is the last year of Vocational Training.

1996. First class of students with an ESO degree.

1997. December 26 sets the 25th anniversary of the school in its current location.

2004-08. New facilities: Two media libraries, three computer rooms, music room, multipurpose space (theatrical performances, auditions), recording studio.

2009: The school begins a technological revolution. Internet connection throughout the center, virtual website for the entire educational community, interactive digital whiteboards in classrooms, etc.

2015-15 Celebrations of the centenary events.

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