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Some part of the Science syllabus is taught in English.



The best thing that can be done to learn a language is to use it and that´s what our school does, we enable our students with useful and real experiences and for that reason:

•    We start our multilingual project in preschool, with 2 hours a week and in primary and ESO, we increase the number of hours, the 17% of the timetable is taught in English, we do some part of the Science syllabus in English.
•    We learn French as a second foreign language
•    We participate in different immersive experiences in 3rd of ESO such as exchanges with Sweden and Holland schools and stays in France and Berlin.
•    We also participate in some etwinning and Erasmus+ projects.
•    We have a language assistant.
•    Bekith, our English academy at school,prepares ours students for Cambridge exams.
•    We are a Certificated Multilingual School since 2011.

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