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How many places do you offer? How many siblings enter? When do you publish the offer of places for primary courses? NEW 

The INITIAL offer will be published in February - Marchcheck the web that day. Even so, the places that come out are not definitive, because we are waiting for students who may be absent due to transfer to another municipality and if they are confirmed, they could generate some more vacancies in some courses before the process ends pre-registration In any case, consult the centre's secretariat.

What we know is that for P3 we have the forecast of 29 siblings of students already in school at the center.

INITIAL FORECAST  YET TO BE OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED IS FROM60 PLACES FOR A Q3 I15 PLACES PHE WAS IN 1ST OF ESO. To find out the status of the rest of the courses, you must contact the centre's secretary.

How will I know if we entered the school? 

We will keep you informed via the web and by mail when the final lists come out and we will post them inside the building, at the gate at the school's main entrance.  You, as parents, you just have to come to our school and you can see them.  They will also appear on the centers' website with the anonymized names.

Where should we present the pre-registration? 

The Generalitat has changed the pre-registration process and this can be done completely online, starting from the application of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Consult the ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION section of the WEBSITE. You can also make an appointment at the school office to help you with the process.

How to get the Mobile Idcat

To carry out and facilitate the pre-registration process, it is highly recommended to have a mobile Idcat that you can obtain at the following link from home:

Other digital identifiers are also useful (consult the website of the generality)

Can we enroll our child in school if we don't live in the village?

Yes, you can enroll him in our school. Now there are many possibilities that you will be able to enter due to the drop in the birth rate.  In fact, in the last three years, all the parents who have applied for a place for P3, from the village and from outside, have been able to enter the center of the town After P3 on the other hand it is quite complicated to enter the center.


If I live in the town or work, when do I get points? Do I have points for being an ex-student? And for having cousins?

Two years ago, the general public removed the points for being the son of a former student. Having cousins at school doesn't give points either. only those who have a sibling in the center add points to guarantee their place in the center. This information is provided in detail in an email sent to parents following the Department's instructions, you can also find it on this website in the space in the documentGrading criteria and documentation.

What documentation do I need to pre-register?

The basic documentation is the original and photocopy of the family book, and the original and photocopy of the applicant's ID. This detailed information is provided in an email to parents following the Department's instructions, you can also find it on this website in the INFORMATION section of the Grading criteria and documentation document.

What is your center code?

08028485is the code that identifies the Holy Family of Santa Perpètua and this code is needed in order to complete the official pre-registration application form.

When will I need the RALC number?

It will be necessary to put this number in the pre-registration from P4 to 4th ESO. It is a number provided by the school of origin and it is mandatory to fill in the RALC number section during pre-registration. It is not needed for the pre-registration of P3

If there is a place for one of my children, will this cause the others to enter courses where there is no place due to family reunification?

It is not an automatic process, it depends on the siblings being first on the waiting list for their course and not exceeding the maximum ratio per group. Even so, the authorization of the Educational Inspectorate and the Municipal Schooling Commission will be required. It is necessary to ask for each individual case.

Is registration necessary?

It will always be necessary to prove the address, if it does not match the DNI, the child's/or one of the parents' registration will be required.

Will my child be able to go with his/her friend from daycare?

When making the 3 groups, some pedagogical criteria are taken into account: equally divided by gender, take into account the dates of birth and if you write down 2 or 3 classmates from the nursery school, we always try to do it to facilitate there is the adaptation.

How can I know if I am in the area of influence?

The City Council sends us an area map every year. We look into it and if not they can call education at the City Hall and let them know.

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