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Introduction to robotics and pre-programming sequential thinking with the fun bee Bots

With the view and objectives set in the future of our students and in the new technological and IT needs that our society will require in the future to be able to access the labor market, from the school we have been implementing and giving the opportunity for years to our students to be able to train in therobotics and programming, knowledge that we believe is essential for your future work and personal development.

With this idea, we work on robotics and programming from P3 to 4th ESOwithin school hours, adapting our programming each year to the different innovations in the field and to the needs of our students. From the game with theBee-botsto creating mobile and tablet apps withApp Inventor, passing through learning through theLego WeDo, Mindstorm,  Scratch, iArduino among others, at our school we create students who are motivated and prepared for the needs that the future will ask of them.

Participation in programming contests such asHP Code Warsand theAwardsobtained in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in different renowned and national competitions such asMSchools Awardorganized by the Mobile World Congress endorse us.

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